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Longpoint Consulting Services specializes in asphalt restoration and preservation for municipalities, commercial developments and Home Owners Associations.

The founder of Longpoint Consulting services, Daren Cottam has had over 25 years experience in the asphalt industry and uses his experience to serve municipalities and entities to effectively protect one of their most costly asset, their asphalt infrastructure.

For every dollar spent on asphalt preservation a client will save $10 to $25 in future repairs and reconstruction of their asphalt surfaces. Planning and cost savings is the goal as we help clients to look into the future to manage the preservation of their asphalt surfaces.

Longpoint Consulting Services quantifies and analyses your asphalt assets, formulates a long range plan that gives clients the ability to see costs and applications for asphalt preservation long into the future.

By using this planning tool, a municipality, HOA or owner can maintain good roadways and parking areas for their citizens and customers while saving thousands of dollars on repairs and reconstruction had they not planned and applied their plan.

Well-maintained infrastructure costs less. $1 invested in maintenance today can save $10 to $25 in reconstruction later. With proactive maintenance your transportation assets will last longer.