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Benefits to Hiring a Consultant

  1. Asphalt is the most costly asset a municipality or Home Owners Association owns and maintains. If asphalt surfaces are not maintained costs to the owner will be exponentially higher in the future.
  2. As a consultant I have expertise that can offer advice as to the best and less costly option to maintain the owners asphalt surfaces and other infrastructure.
  3. A consultant is less costly than hiring an engineer, and many times has more expertise in asphalt maintenance than an engineer. As a consultant I know when an engineer is necessary and have a pool of engineers available to help when needed.
  4. As a consultant I have a knowledge of available contractors to obtain pricing and perform work. I have your best interest in mind when helping you choose a contractor that has the ability to perform work needed and obtain the best pricing for the work. This fact assures that the owner gets the work accomplished at the highest quality and for the best price. I will do all the leg work for you and will be there after the work is done to assure the contractor warrantees their work.
  5. As a consultant I can create a long term plan for maintaining asphalt surfaces and help the owner budget for current and future maintenance and improvements to their infrastructure.